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Surprise! Top Obama Bundlers To Benefit From Government Investments In Algae For “Green Energy” Scam

Solyndra redux or what?

Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles has the report on how Obama’s new algae initiative as an alternative for gas, is actually just another scam to help ‘payback’ his major campaign bundlers.

President Obama’s most recent green energy fixation—algae—may suffer from the accusations of cronyism that have plagued his broader effort to promote non-fossil fuel energy sources through massive federal subsidies.

Solazyme, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in the plant matter, has received more than $25 million in federal grants and contracts as part of Obama administration’s controversial stimulus package, and is poised to receive millions more as part of the president’s recent efforts to promote green biofuels such as algae.

The firm employs a former member of the Obama-Biden transition team who, according to one online bio, “played a key role in developing the energy provisions in the economic stimulus bill.”

TJ Glauthier, who is listed as a “strategic adviser” and corporate board member, previously held a number of high-ranking posts in the Clinton Administration, including deputy secretary and chief operating officer of the U.S. Department of Energy. [...]

In total, Solazyme officials have contributed at least $360,000 to Democrats since 2007. The majority of that money has come from just three individuals: board members Jerry Fiddler ($226,650) and Daniel Miller (more than $36,000), and executive vice president of technology Peter Licari (more than $100,000).

What couldn’t be more hilarious about this whole scam is that the company mentioned above is called: Solazyme. Hmmm, sounds like Solyndra?

Solazyme? Solyndra? How much more hypocrisy could come from this administration.

I’d bet anything that in a few months or a year, I’ll be blogging the news that Solyndra Solazyme is filing for bankruptcy and that all of its employees are being laid off.

Read Free Beacon’s whole story here. It too long to excerpt, but too good to skip reading.