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Sarah Palin Open To 2016 Run

CNN caught up with Sarah Palin tonight in Wasilla, right after she voted in the Alaska Caucus.

“I don’t discount any idea or plan that, at this point, isn’t in my control. Anything’s possible. …. I would seriously consider whatever I can do to help our country.”


  1. Tawny Jones says:

    Gorgeous, gracious, gifted Gov. Sarah Palin will be a great President.

  2. Robert N. Schwartz says:

    Her beauty is only exceeded by her sense of what America represents, from its foundations to the present, as well as her vision of a better nation in the future,financially, materially, environmentally and socially, guaranteed through a great awakening in public morals, education and health reforms that reflect the will of the people and not the pols and financial elites, and all of this sealed with the security of our military and our energy independence.

  3. dhendu says:

    The question was about 2016,NOT this Year.I wish it was about 2012,but it isnt.