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Obama To Launch Three-State Gas Price Apology Tour

Politico says he’s going to “defend” his record on gas. Which is basically a lie, he doesn’t really have a record on gas. The only record he could truly tout is how he cancelled initiatives that would have A: Created jobs and B: Lowered gas prices.

President Barack Obama is hitting the road this week to try to exorcise two political demons on energy — Keystone XL and Solyndra.

Obama will travel to three presidential battleground states — Nevada, New Mexico and Ohio — to defend his record amid high gas prices.

The official White House agenda, claims that he wants to “focus on diversifying our energy portfolio.” Really? Diversifying? Like Solyndra? Or like EnerDel? Or like Amonix? All of these companies that I just listed received millions of taxpayer funds and all went bankrupt or are teetering on bankruptcy.

Plus while Obama ‘touts’ his amazing record on gas and energy, his campaign is spending $1.4 million in ads to defend his failed $35 billion ‘green energy’ program.