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Morning Bulletin (4/09/12)

It’s Monday… hope you had a great Easter weekend! Now back to politics.

The moment when you realize there’s not much difference between Gawker and Drudge Report

Last Chance for Iran?

The Obama administration and its European allies plan to open new negotiations with Iran by demanding the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of a recently completed nuclear facility deep under a mountain, according to American and European diplomats.

GOP Superdelegates: It’s Over, Mitt Romney Is Nominee

Obama-bashing Marine renews debate over First Amendment rights

Government Surveillance Crackdown On Internet Goes Into Overdrive

Congressman fears Obama power grab in ‘emergency’

SNL Takes First 5 Minutes of Show Bashing Mitt Romney in Stale Skit (Video) “That didn’t take long. Mitt Romney is not the official GOP candidate yet. But that didn’t stop Saturday Night Live from taking the first five minutes in last night’s show to bash the former governor. And, next week they’ll take the first five minutes to bash Obama. Just kidding.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan promises to continue the fight against Barack Obama’s “radical intrusion” on the Catholic Church in America.

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