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Morning Bulletin (3/27/12)

Day two of the Supreme Court hearings on ObamaCare. Today the argument will be over the individual mandate.

In case you missed it, my new ObamaCare column: It begins: ObamaCare hits the Supreme Court

Beginning at 10:00 am on Tuesday, the issue will be whether Congress has the authority to compel individuals to purchase health insurance.

The attorneys representing the federal government will argue that Congress does have the authority impose a mandate and the opposing side will argue that Congress has exceeded its authority in imposing a mandate and that the penalty is not a constitutional tax.

BREITBART IS HERE: Andrew Breitbart Lives, at Supreme Court Rally.

How Conservative Justices Can Overcome Their Hang Ups and Kill ObamaCare.

SICK. Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in upcoming movie.

Gingrich told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he won’t get out of the race until Mitt Romney garners 1,144 delegates. Gingrich clearly knows he cannot win the nomination, however, at the same time it appears he really wants a brokered convention to somehow win the nomination that way? Gingrich surely should be smart enough to know that if a brokered convention were to take place, he’d still have no chance at winning the nomination. At that point in time, Republicans will likely be gunning for Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin, or Mitch Daniels to become the nominee.

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