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Morning Bulletin (3/26/12)

It’s Monday…… get some coffee. Blog posts might be a little light today.

ObamaCare (finally) hits the Supreme Court today, with oral arguments about its constitutionality and a final ruling coming in June.

Senior White House Adviser Won’t Confirm If Obama Thinks Race Played Role In Trayvon Martin Killing

CNN’s Howard Kurtz On Trayvon Martin: How Can MSNBC Allow Al Sharpton To Cover This?

Tingle Cake Chris Mathews thinks he’s a centrist.

On his MSNBC show last Thursday, Chris Matthews made a rather surprising admission on-air: politically speaking, he’s a big centrist. When talking about the Keystone XL pipeline, Matthews said that when someone like President Obamatries to take the middle ground on an issue, they tend to get hits from both sides. Joan Walsh nodded in agreement with the sentiment, and then Matthews said, “Take it from a centrist, I know what it’s like.”

Twitter Explodes With Lefty Hate Following Cheney’s Heart Transplant

“Whoever donated their heart to dick cheney: fuck you,” tweeted @yokelesy.

“Cheney’s black soul keeps rotting out his heart. Fuck that bitch,” @SolidGlo waxed poetic.

“Why in the contumacious fuck are we wasting a perfectly good heart on dick cheney?” tweeted @mr_senor_pete

FOIA data suggests FCC more secretive than CIA

The 30 best conservative Twitter feeds Of 2012

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