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Morning Bulletin (3/21/12)

Mitt Romney won the Illinois Republican primary last night, garnering 46% of the vote. A total of 54 delegates were up for grabs in Illinois. No candidate plans on getting out of the race.

Romney Outspent Santorum 7 to 1 In Illinois, 21 to 1 in Chicago Market

Obama’s $10,000 Nail Polish Buy

Since the President is handing out all this free birth control maybe the progressive “women” have $40 to spend on nail polish in this economy. This President does not understand this country or the people who live in it, so it should come to no suprise he does not understand women either.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu told a House panel yesterday that he would give himself an “A” for his handing of energy policy under the Obama Administration. Gas prices are now twice as much as what they were when Obama came into office three years ago.

Alan Grayson Beclowns Himself, Again: “If you’re against universal health care, just keep your distance from doctors and hospitals.”

Surprise: Obama to fast-track approval for Keystone pipeline’s, er, southern half

DANA LOESCH: On Twitter, the Tea Party, and Her Rise in Media

Loesch knows that her location gives her an odd advantage. “I’m glad that I live in St. Louis. I’m glad that I don’t live in D.C. I’m glad that I’m removed from the circuit. I love being insulated by being in the Midwest. It’s a different perspective and just a different take on it.”

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