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Morning Bulletin (3/16/12)

It’s finally Friday! Have a great weekend, Morning Bulletin will be back on Monday.

Thomas Sowell explains how Obama’s radical pal, Derrick Bell, became Derrick Bell.

“Bell even said that he took it as his mission to say things to annoy white people. Perhaps he thought that was better than being insignificant in his academic setting. But it was in fact far worse, because the real damage was to impressionable young blacks who took him seriously, including one who went on to become president of the United States.”

David Axelrod: I sure am disappointed that Romney didn’t criticize Rush more harshly

Gov. Sarah Palin: Breitbart Is Here

Barack Obama told a group of dumb Kool-Aid drinkers in 2008 that
“We have to make sure people are making good decisions about cars.” And dealing with high gas prices is a sacrifice I expect Americans to make.

Union members sighted at a Mitt Romney campaign stop.

What Would a “Landslide” Election Look Like?

A lot of bloviating from lefties lately about an Obama “landslide”. Some, when polls were more favorable, from conservatives about a Republican one. But what would one look like, exactly? Are the “mega-landslide” elections of 1964, 1972, 1980, 1984, and 1988 even possible at this point?

The short answer is no. In the past, states like New York, Texas, and California played the role of “big prize” purple states. So if a President or a candidate played their cards right, scoring a 400-500 electoral vote tsunami was very possible. There is only one state these days with more than 20 electoral votes that plays the cheating girlfriend, and that is that dirty skank we call Florida. Smaller states hold more sway in national elections these days, and the big states have fallen on one side of the ideological divide or the other.

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