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Morning Bulletin (3/14/12)

Rick Santorum won the Mississippi and Alabama primaries last night, further proving that a brokered convention is becoming more and more likely.

Matt Lewis says it’s time for Newt to get out: “Newt Gingrich surprised us all by taking a shoestring campaign all the way into March of 2012. He won South Carolina, and his home state of Georgia. He should be proud of the campaign he has run. But if he wants to remain proud of his efforts, it’s important to go out in a classy manner.”

‘Is Obama a Muslim?’ polls unfairly made southerners ‘look stupid,’ claim ‘The Five’ hosts

Project Veritas: James O’Keefe Uncovers Voter Fraud in Vermont

Mark Levin will give $50,000 to any Obama SuperPAC if he can debate Obama.

LEVIN: “I see my friend Sarah Palin has challenged Obama to a debate, because now he’s running ads against her. Come on. I’ll tell you what; I will give, are you ready for this Mr. Producer?

“I will give $50,000 to Obama’s Super PAC if he will debate me for one hour. Now he’s flying all over the country in exchange for meals and handshakes and photos. People are giving a lot less than that. Just one hour, a debate. It doesn’t even have to be televised. In fact, we’ll do it right here on this program. Be very professional, be very fair, equal time, just a debate.”

If Fox News in the tank for Romney? Rick Santorum thinks so.

OH the hypocrisy: Dining on NY strips and truffles, Biden tells $10K-a-plate donors GOP doesn’t get ‘average folks’…

Human Events Editor Jason Mattera has a new awesome book out: Hollywood Hypocrites .

I wrote Hollywood Hypocrites to create an ammunitions stockpile of eye-popping hypocrisies that we can use at our disposal to muzzle the same Tinseltown toolbags who like to lecture and hector us on the environment, civil rights, gun control, and tax hikes. There are 540 endnotes packed of investigative research that explores whether the Hollywood elites live by the same policy prescriptions they try to foist on the rest of us. Conclusion: Not even Obama’s staunchest supporters live the by the crap he seeks to inflict on us.

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