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Michael Moore: Capitalism Is Un-American And Un-Christian

So Socialism is pro-American? Wish granted Mr. Moore. We have Obama…

Left-wing millionaire crank, Michael Moore, says that capitalism is ‘Un-American’ and ‘Un-Christian.’

Washington Examiner reported:
Documentary film maker Michael Moore blasted the capitalist economic system — the one that reportedly made him $50 million — and called for the arrests of Wall Street bankers in an interview with Piers Morgan this evening.

Morgan showed a video of Moore earlier in the evening, protesting on Wall Street, saying that capitalism “is about the upper one percent owning the majority of this country and everyone else scrambling for the crumbs . . . It’s not democratic.” During the Morgan segment, Moore said that the wealthy on Wall Street are “getting away with a huge crime” because “no one has been arrested” from Wall Street banks “for the crash of 2008.”

Morgan asked Moore about his opposition to capitalism, especially given Moore’s financial success as a filmmaker. When asked if his movie-making amounted to a capitalist endeavor, Moore replied “Is it really?”

. . .As Moore concluded his remarks on capitalism, he said that “it’s not American.” Similarly, he said “it’s not Christian, it’s not Jewish” or in conformity with any other major religion, insofar as capitalism neglects the “46 million” poor people struggling in American society.