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Lawyer On Why The Supreme Court Will Overturn ObamaCare

Will it’s already widely agreed that the Supreme Court will strike down the individual mandate in ObamaCare… the next question becomes whether or not the Supreme Court will strike down the entire healthcare law.

A Conservative lawyer told Buzzfeed that he believes the entire law will be struck down because, “The court is going to find a spurious exception to a spurious doctrine.”

You have built an imaginary mansion, with thousands of rooms, on the foundation of Wickard v. Filburn — the 1942 ruling that broadened the understanding of how the Commerce Clause could be used to regulate economic activity.

We aren’t being asked to radically revise the Commerce Clause and throw out seven decades of law, and we won’t. But we know the founders never intended the Commerce Clause to allow the Federal Government to regulate everything on the planet. So we are going to accept Randy Barnett’s basically spurious exception to that basically spurious idea, and throw out the Affordable Care Act on the grounds that the Commerce Clause regulates “activity” (which we don’t really believe), but not “inactivity” (because, why not draw the line somewhere?).

This is to say: You have built a fantasy mansion on the Commerce Clause. You can hardly blame us if, in one wing of this mansion, down a dusty corridor, we build a fantasy room called “inactivity,” lock the door, and don’t let you in.

H/T Buzzfeed