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Jay Carney Let’s Us Know, Obama Isn’t A Socialist Or Communist

Thank god the White House officially addressed this pressing issue.

Jay Carney, an individual healthcare mandate = socialism.

From today’s briefing, the White House insists that they’re not worried about President Obama being labeled a socialist or a communist – as Theodore Roosevelt was in 1910:
Q: Teddy Roosevelt was called a socialist and a communist after he gave this speech. Is the President mindful of that, and keeping that in part of his target?
MR. CARNEY: No, I think – I think that is an irony, because I don’t think – I would assume that this President’s critics share in his admiration for Teddy Roosevelt as a titan in American history and a hugely important and progressive leader in this country, and a Republican. The fact of the matter is that Teddy Roosevelt was advocating for the same sectors of American society that this President is advocating for, that so many leaders, between the two of them have – in the years between the two were on the scene, have advocated for.