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JANET NAPOLITANO: What Border Problems? (Am I pointing this the right way?)

Everyone has probably heard of the Three Stooges. If it would have been the Four Stooges, here she is. Janet Napolitano is the Secretary of Homeland Security, Heaven help us. Someone in the administration is very clever. If you surround the president with morons, it makes him seem smarter than he really is.

Janet wouldn’t know a terrorist camp if it was entrenched up her fat ass. She doesn’t even know which border to keep secure. She has been to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Britain and God knows where else to discuss border problems. I thought “Homeland Security” was about “our” borders, you know, America’s borders.

But, we should allow her some learning time to figure this out. She needs to attend a refresher course in geography. During an interview with Greta Van Sustern, of FOXNEWS, Janet said that the East Texas border required a different strategy than the southern borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Yeah, I guess she is right, East Texas borders on Louisiana and lots of sea water. I believe Louisiana is still part of the Union. I think that was settled after the Civil War in 1865. However, the other areas do share borders with Mexico, a foreign country so corrupt that Al Capone would have thought he was in the Glory Land. When Governor Perry of Texas, requested help from Homeland Security regarding illegal border crossing, Janet told him to,” take care of it yourself.” Isn’t that what Arizona did, but ended up being ridiculed and sued by the Osama, I mean, Obama Administration.

Now, Janet is doing her best to stop the terrorist, whoops, “man-caused-disaster” problem by attacking the Climate Change problem?? Al Gore sure knows how to spew the bullshit! What in the hell does global warming have to do with terrorism? Do Janet and Obama think Bin Laden has some type of hurricane machine that will blow the Gulf coast off the map? I wonder if NASA is offering free shuttle rides to radical Islamists yet.

Napolitano‘s mismanagement of the many resources that she inherited from President GW Bush’s administration is horrific at best. Using her name and Homeland Security in the same sentence is enough to make even the strong at heart shudder. And, she’s in charge of it all! That’s enough of my opinion, now let me show the statistics from Homeland Security’s website that proves my point that show how they are really doing:

In 2004, President Bush doubled the size of the Border Patrol from approximately 10,000 to over 20,000 agents. Also, in 2006, President Bush enacted Operation Jumpstart. This sent 6000 National Guardsmen to the Mexican border to assist the Border Patrol while the new agents were being trained. This two year operation resulted in approximately a 70% reduction in illegal border crossing. Once the operation concluded, then Arizona Governor Napolitano was the first to complain about the withdrawal of troops. Now all she can do is tout the effectiveness of the measly 600 troops that are on the Arizona border which she claims is more than adequate.  She is also claiming the Obama administration is responsible for the doubling of the Border agents. Is she that much of an airhead? Meanwhile, Obama has proposed a cut of nearly 200 agents in the budget.

In a ten month period ending October 31, 2010, 35 Americans have been killed along the border. This is a drastic jump of 39 killed in the prior two years. If the border has never been safer, why are more people being killed under Napolitano’s watch? Another interesting statistic from  Border Patrol statistics is a major decline in the amount of illegals located. What does that mean? It pertains to the total number of illegals arrested, found, and/or discovered in America each year. During the Bush years, 1.01 million illegals per year were found and removed from our country. In 2009, the latest statistics made available from Homeland Security, show that only 580,000 were located and returned. This is the lowest figure since 1972 when 506,000 were returned. Also “returned” and “deported “ are not the same thing. Deported is a smaller part of the total “returned” illegals to their home country. Deportation hearings cost more than returning them. Either way, their names  are placed into the National Crime Information System.  Numerically, more were deported, but overall fewer were located in the first place. How many terrorist sleeper cells made it into America?

Although, Napolitano has twice as many border agents, she has only been able to locate half as many illegals. Seems like a major mismanagement of our resources.  She must be getting her intelligence briefings from National Intelligence Director, James Clapper. He must have been watching reruns of the Kardashians instead of CNN for his intelligence information. Clapper, another rocket scientist that is keeping us “safe”.

A sad statistic that is always difficult to discuss are the amount of Border Agents killed in the line of duty. Since the information was first recorded in 1905, 112 Border Agents have been killed. An average of one a year. In the two years Napolitano has been “in charge”, eight have been killed. This averages out to four a year or four times the historical average.

Approximately 35,000 people have been killed along the US/Mexican border since 2006, over 6000 this past year in Juarez alone, walking distance to El Paso, Texas. I grew up in Arizona, where I had a career and retired as a cop. I have been to the border, experienced the ravages of illegal immigration in my state, and was there when some of my Brothers- in-Blue were executed by illegals from a country that shares one of the “safest borders” in America. Thanks Janet, for all you are doing. Want to go camping near Nogales sometime? I’ll even show you how to load your shotgun.

Post written by contributing writer Louis Martini


  1. seer says:

    Awesome! I hate cousin janet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you have to consider this is the same lead bottom that skipped testifying to congress in order to have a clandestine meeting with a washingtion politician.
    her rationale:shed be testifying again later on. but asked the politician not to mention theyd
    met.all this while telling members of congress she was out of town

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least she hasn’t burnt down any Christian religious compounds. ( Probably because she’s too busy handing out cash and jobs at the local Al Quada Mosque.)