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Gingrich Would Pick Up Bulk Of Cain Supporters If He Drops Out

This is a very important poll to look at.

Newt Gingrich stands to benefit if Herman Cain were to withdraw or lose support in the Republican presidential race, according to a Public Policy Poll released on Tuesday.
Gingrich has a much better favorability rating with Cain supporters than does Mitt Romney. Seventy-three percent of Cain supporters view Gingrich favorably, while only 33 percent have a favorable view of Romney.
Gingrich is also the consensus second choice among Cain voters, with 37 percent saying Gingrich would be their back-up to Cain, compared to 14 percent for Michele Bachmann, 13 percent for Romney, and 12 percent for Perry.

Since Herman Cain is ‘reassessing’ his candidacy, it’s only a matter of time that his supporters (which have been greatly diminishing) look for another candidate. Like it or not, the sexual harassment or sexual whatever claims have hurt Cain. They truly have. He was the frontrunner, then Gloria Allred came to the scene. Now we have this new lady claiming to have an affair with him. All while Gingrich has taken Cain and for that matter, Romney’s spot as the GOP frontrunner. Gingrich his rising more and more every single day. He is up in Iowa, South Carolina, and yes, even Romney’s New Hampshire. However, like it has happened in the past, Gingrich could start to drop soon. Perry, Bachmann, and now Cain before him have. Romney stays at his constant level, but that is because everyone is looking for the Conservative/Anti-Romney candidate. Right now, that is Gingrich. I still caution that it could change… to god only knows…