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Gallup: Romney 48 Obama 43

No, I am not going to post a blogpost, every time Romney is beating Obama in a Gallup poll.

Obama sure as hell isn’t in for a win in 2012. Yes, he’s the incumbent, but he doesn’t have this one all sealed up.

Conversely, Obama does have a fair chance at reelection. I will admit that and I do believe that. We must stop it, but we must also not think this is going to be a cake walk for Mitt Romney.

The fact that Obama is losing to him this far out, means absolutely nothing. Hell, you could have that poll with Romney: 75% Obama: 22% and 3% voting for other candidates. That still doesn’t mean Romney has this in the bag.

He can screw it up real easy and so can Obama. We must fight until November 6 and onwards.