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Friday Headlines/Must Reads (07/29/11)

If you haven’t heard, House passed Boehner’s debt plan, but the Senate tabled it.

Obama lost 40,000 Twitter followers, because of his Spam The Nation campaign (My dub)

If you search for Obama’s debt plan on, you get this.

Immigrants flee California for Mexico… not a joke.

Jesse Jackson: Obama Should Have Been “Tougher” With “Extreme Right-Wing” Republicans.

Obama’s Exclusive George Soros Waivers

Mark Levin Defends Allen West Over Threat Of Primary

Rush Limbaugh: We Are All Sarah Palin Now

Why Do We Have A Debt Ceiling? Blame Woodrow Wilson

ALL TIME LOW: Obama Approval 40%

Video of the day:


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    Finally! This is just what I was loiokng for.

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