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AFP Launches Ad Campaign Against Solyndra

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), is launching a multi-million dollar ad campaign against Obama’s crony capitalist Solyndra. I am very glad they are doing this, as Solyndra is the poster child of Obama’s crony capitalist agenda.

From AFP:
First, the Obama Administration poured billions of taxpayer dollars into favored green energy companies — many with ties to big donors. Government picked winners and losers. Predictably, this government cronyism failed and companies like Solyndra went bankrupt.

In late 2010, the Obama Administration asked Solyndra to hold off announcing massive worker layoffs until after the November elections. Those 1,100 workers had no idea that they would be fired. Today 90% of those workers remain unemployed. As more details of the green energy scam continue to come to light we must tell President Obama: stop using taxpayer dollars to fund green energy scams llike Solyndra because American workers are not political pawns.

I’ve written an extensive column about Solyndra in the past here.